Volunteer Information



The Catskill Soccer Club is so fortunate to have so many parents, family members, and friends who volunteer their time, skills, and abilities to our Club. Volunteers are so important to the existence of our soccer program, especially as it continues to grow each year.  This year, the Club is continuing its Volunteer component along with our registration. 


Each family that registers needs to include a deposit check or money order (no cash, please) for volunteering and fill out a volunteer form.  The cost is $25 per child registered, whether you are volunteering or taking the buyout.  At the end of the Fall Recreation season, if you choose to fulfill your volunteer commitment (opportunities listed below), then you will receive your check back.  If you choose to not volunteer or do not fulfill your commitment, the check will be cashed.  YOU ONLY HAVE TO FULFILL ONE OPPORTUNITY PER FAMILY.  We would LOVE it if you would like to volunteer in numerous ways but the choice is yours. 



*Coach a Team
*Assistant Coach a Team
*Work a 2 hour Concession Stand shift
*Referee (Ref must have soccer experience and be familiar with the rules)
*Sponsor a Team ($100, $150, $300)